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GPDC Meeting Minutes


Diversity Statements: A quick read through of all of the statements on the shared drive.

  • Some were wordy, some more succinct.
  • Where should a diversity statement go?
  • Should it be a contract between faculty/staff/families?
    • How will this be enforced?
    • Could it cause further alienation with some families?
    • Creation of a diversity statement should be a transparent process involving everyone in the school community.

Creating a diversity statement for the GPDC.

  • Using the University of Maryland’s Goodwill for Diversity Collaborative Diversity Statement as a framework, we began to establish a base for the GPDC statement.       
    • Do we want to collaborate with other collaborative? Yes!
    • Leave the statement open as available to all schools, not just independent schools.
    • Emphasize sharing resources, curricula, articles, etc., including events and speakers, and eventually sponsor events.
    • First portion of statement will be sent out to everyone by Ted, and it will be open to editing on Google Drive. Everyone is encouraged to sign up for a free Google Drive account to more easily access the document.
    • What’s next
      • Steering Committee was established to keep GPDC going and growing. Volunteers: Linn Vaughters (Community Partnership School), Jess Cronin-Connelly (St. Peter’s), and Jeri Bond Whatley (Miquon).
      • Heads Helena Grady (Greene Towne Montessori) and Abbie Miller (Gladwyne Montessori) will tag team as Administrative Consultants, providing administrative perspectives as requested.
      • We will keep meetings to 3 times a year, since that seems to have been working well.
      • St. Peter’s School will host the next meeting in the Fall, 2013.
      • Discussion
        • Guest Christine Beck discussed her book Listen to Our Voices, including its origin – when she was the President and CEO of the GESU school, some of the students asked her to write a book with them, and after a long process, this is the result. The self-published book is currently used as part of curriculum in some area schools, and the children involved have even participated further by visiting in person.
        • Racial Identity Forum – Dorothy Stewart (with Jeri and Ted) discussed the forum sponsored by the Germantown Monthly Meeting Group. Two professors, who are also friends and practicing psychologists, from Chestnut Hill College hosted the forum and opened discussion about diversity and feeling different from others. It was compelling, refreshing and affirming.





Minutes from April 10 Meeting